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To order CDs, or to make a contribution to help Tricinium's work, enter the Quantity or Amount in the Order Form below and click on Update Total. When you have selected the items you wish to purchase and/or the contributions you wish to make, click on Proceed to Checkout.


Donate any amount: no amount is too large or too small! We are grateful for every contribution to help Tricinium's work. Learn more. $0.00
Contribute at the Benefactor level and enjoy an original, interactive short skit with music created and written by Larry and your guests at your venue at a time to be mutually determined - think family reunions, significant birthdays, insignificant birthdays, "gold watch" events. This is a wonderful way to honor someone in their and your own words. Learn more. $2,000.00 $0.00
Contribute at the Sustainer level. Secure our ability to initiate, develop, underwrite, and produce the exciting unique work we do and receive our boundless gratitude for supporting Tricinium's work. Learn more. $500.00 $0.00
Support the Kaddish Project. We are grateful for every contribution to help this work. Learn more. $0.00
Kaddish CD. Learn more. $18.50 $0.00
Litany/Kaddish Prayer CD-ROM. Learn more. $22.50 $0.00
All Go Forward and Back! CD. Learn more. $17.50 $0.00
Monadnock Tales CD. Learn more. $12.50 $0.00
Here I Am... And Look Who Is With Me - Complete Set
All 24 lesson plans on CD-ROM. Price: $150.00.
Special Offer: For a limited time order the complete set at a reduced price. Save $180! And we'll also include a copy of the Kaddish CD. Learn more.
$120.00 $0.00
Here I Am... And Look Who Is With Me - Individual Lesson Plan CD-ROMs
Lesson Plan 1 The Disappearance of Shtetl Culture: An Integrated Project $12.50 $0.00
Lesson Plan 2 "To Dislodge Them from the Very Ground of Coherence" $12.50 $0.00
Lesson Plan 3 Place in This World: A Vocal Music Response to "Like Cherries in The Winter" and "Hate Me Till Tuesday" $12.50 $0.00
Lesson Plan 4 Time Past, Time Present $12.50 $0.00
Lesson Plan 5 The Journey of Shtetl Food: A Poem $12.50 $0.00
Lesson Plan 6 Bringing Shtetl Villagers to Life $12.50 $0.00
Lesson Plan 7 Seeing the Old World with the Eyes of a Modern Artist $12.50 $0.00
Lesson Plan 8 The Dilemmas of “Othering” $12.50 $0.00
Lesson Plan 9 Cause and Consequence in Diamante Poetry $12.50 $0.00
Lesson Plan 10 The Details of Memory $12.50 $0.00
Lesson Plan 11 Epitaphs $12.50 $0.00
Lesson Plan 12 Speculative Fiction: A World Without Mourning $12.50 $0.00
Lesson Plan 13 Four Seasons of Grief Influenced by the Mourner's Kaddish: A Play $12.50 $0.00
Lesson Plan 14 Exploring Wholeness through the Biography Poem $12.50 $0.00
Lesson Plan 15 Exploring Wholeness through the Mandala: A Follow-up to the Biography Poem $12.50 $0.00
Lesson Plan 16 Letter Poem from the Broken to That Which has Broken It $12.50 $0.00
Lesson Plan 17 Exploring Wholeness and Healing through Drama $12.50 $0.00
Lesson Plan 18 A Message of Hope $12.50 $0.00
Lesson Plan 19 Broken to Whole... Whole to Broken $12.50 $0.00
Lesson Plan 20 The Allegorist: Rabbi Nachman, Kafka, and You $12.50 $0.00
Lesson Plan 21 The Other Side of the Story: The Hidden Meaning of Rabbi Nachman's Tales (pop-up book) $12.50 $0.00
Lesson Plan 22 So Here I Am — a Dramatic Interpretation $12.50 $0.00
Lesson Plan 23 How Do We Honor Those Who Suffered? $12.50 $0.00
Lesson Plan 24 Fully Alive $12.50 $0.00
TOTAL $0.00

Thank you for your support of Tricinium's work.

Our online payment system is secure, but if you prefer, you may print the form and send it along with a check by mail to Tricinium, 128 Paine Road, Westmoreland, NH 03467.